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  Chris Dearborn is the founder and head designer at New Frontiers Design. Although his offices are located in the Boston/Medford area, he has clients across the U.S. To contact Chris via email.


American Repertory Theatre Harvard University
Senior Graphic Designer for the A.R.T. Designed all graphic communications for A.R.T. and its affiliated institutions including the Institute for Advanced Theatre Training and The Institute for Arts and Civic Dialogue. Worked closely with all company departments on a variety of projects. Responsible for implementing production of projects including conception, design, prepress trapping, film output, and printing. Projects included posters, t-shirts, annual reports, letterhead and business card design, flyers, direct mail, informational booklets, color brochures, banner designs, environmental graphics, interior design, program design, The A.R.T. News (newsletter design), invitations, and newspaper and magazine ads. Work with outside printing contractors and oversee final production of printed pieces.

Mass Printing and Forms Medford, MA
Staff designer for a variety of ongoing projects and clients including: Olive Jar Studios, Artesanias Mexican Imports, Boston College High School, AutoFry Corporation, Salem Museum of Myths and Monsters, Fright Times Magazine, World Wide Communications Networks, International Equipment Corporation, Concord Academy, Motion Technology Inc., Faytex Corporation, Big Brother/Big Sister, Priority Leasing, Sanford Process, Thomas Gregory Associates Insurance, Legal Video, Mark Campbell Productions and internet company.

Into the Classroom Media Los Angeles, CA

Designer for a variety of educational videos and promotions. Projects included promotional direct–mail pieces, corporate identity, video jacket and label designs, and teaching guides. Graphics were also adapted for use in video introductions. Projects included: Noam Chomsky: Language and Mind; Richard Dawkins: Is Evolution Progressive; and Howard Gardner: MI, Intelligence, Understanding and the Mind.

Cablevision of Boston Boston, MA
Head designer on a variety of projects for several departments including: Public relations campaign for ”Party in the Park“ concert series, promotional poster for alternative cable package, Promotional campaign poster and newsletter for Extra Help educational television.